Saturday, August 25, 2007

Family reunion

Yesterday we had another family get together. I was at the PO and just got back from my tour of duty, I had 3 or 4 tubs of 3rd class magazines to put up, and my phone rings. Midgie called to say Momma' is on her way to the ER, chest pains. I knew it would take a while before she actually got there, so I started putting my work up- Sherri and Linda said just leave it and go,,,So I did. I got to the hospital just as Joey and Bobby were heading in to see her. { 2 person rule at ER, was about to be broken} I went in also. She seemed fine, but told how she had awefull pains in her chest and was holding back the tears. I think the she was scared. The nurse took all her vitals ...BP was 146/86, slightly high but under the circumstances not really. O2 level was 96. So all signs looked good. I told Joey she is ok to reasure him. The boys went out in the hall and the Mike and Midgie came in. Mommy was happy to see Mike and I was to, We rarely get to see him. The RE did a bunch of test,,,bloodwork-EKG, Chest X-ray. It came back she had a slight case of CHF, Heart failure. They were sending her back to the home, with orders to increase Lasix if it happens again. She has to see her regular doctor for a follow-up. It scares me, to know someday I will loose her. My Mom is the kindness, gentlest person I know. My family is very close. This set of feet was taken in the summer when {J} and I, And my brother and his family went on vacation. Can any one guess which one I am? My little fox counter goes up daily, it would be nice if who ever stumbles onto my site if the said hi,,,HINT...Well time to get ready for work,,,,Happy Trails!!!!!( Remember to check back here for Situation Sunday, The meme that asks you 2 or 3 sometimes for situations and how you would deal with them)

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