Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Random Yadda

Wow, I can't believe it is Tuesday already. Time flies by so much faster as we get older. I shall recap what I have been up to lately so when my dementia kicks in, if I can figure out how to use a puter I can recall this time again. Sunday-{J} and I went on a long bike ride. We drove one blazer to a spot 7 miles away and drove home, in the other one. Hopped on our bikes and went the 7 miles. He really didn't comprehend what I ment on doing this together. He was like it was a race to the finish. Numerous times he would wait for me to catch up. I am slowly learning how to use my 15 speed bike. I usually just keep it on one gear, but he showed me how to use them so going up hills are a little easier. We arrived at our destination, and forgot to bring any keys to the truck. I got a ride back to town and got our keys. We spent the rest of the day on the island relaxing and enjoying the sun. Monday- was a very busy day at the PO. They were doing a mail test and the guy was counting letters in my area. Which slowed my am routine down, lucky for him he was a cutie. As the am progressed and I was racing the clock I got called to the front desk....I am thinking it's a customer. I got there and my nephew and sister was there. They knew I was busy he justed wanted to bring me a beautiful sunflower. I thought that was so sweet. Today I have off and {J} and I are going to the river till 12ish. Then I am lounging around the pool. I have Marry coming to lunch and Midgie and the kids will come by. Oh, my pool is my friend Linda's. She is on vacation at Salisbury beach. Her first vacation of the year. They drove the motor home there. I talked with her last night she told me it is freaking cold, she should have brought winter clothes, her dog has a icicle hanging from his nose. She said enjoy her pool, she will be freezing up North. Renting a car today and going some place warm. I am praying for a heat wave to come her way. Happy Trails!

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