Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Thirteen Thursday

Helen's Thirteen Things I will take camping

Thirteen Things I will need Camping.
1} cell phone

2} A good book

3} a camera

4} Steak Sauce

5} Address book

6} extra sandals

7} 3 bathing suits

8} Two dressy outfits.

9} Two pairs of Jeans

10} Five pairs of shorts

11} Two Sundresses

12} Mascara

13} Body Lotion

The camper is loaded all ready with my bath-

needs. And Underclothes. Hairdryer,Sweat

pants and Shirts. All I need to take are extra's.

Plus I usually shop for more clothes when there.

Happy Thursday Thirteen!
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Bernie said...

Sorry, but if you are going camping (in the bush) why would you need 'Two dressy outfits'? ;) lol

What about bug spray?

I hope that you have a great time, it has been years since I was camping...

Stop by our list is up as well...

Kristi K. said...

Wow, that sounds fun! Have a great time! I'd much rather be camping than here...although I just got back from vacation, so that's pretty much out. :)

Here's my 13:

Lisa said...

Just one book? That the best part of camping!

Happy Thursday.