Thursday, June 28, 2007

my thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Helena

Thirteen People Who have Touched my Life.

1} MY Mother: She taught me love and kindness,and to believe in God.

2} My Father: He taught me cooking,having fun-allthe good things in life are free.

3} My Bobchi: She taught me to believe in the un-known, and all my superstitions.

4} My Uncle Stanely: He taught me magic, and card tricks.

5} My brother Joey: He taught me sports & how to love learning, and knowledge.

6} My sister Milly: She taught me to shop wise, and love & Friendship.

7} My sister Anna:She covered the rest of love &friendship and how to be a lady.

8}My Sister Midgie: Through her I found a friend, and she taught me courage in handling obstacles that come my way and to deal with them.

9} My brother Bobby: He taught me the meaning of caring and always being there to help.

10} {J} : taught me,,,That just because I can't get my way doesn't me I am not loved.

11} { ?} taught me: That no matter how I look or what I did I am perfect, a special person.

12} My music teacher: Taught me That I really can't sing, so remember that in public when I try...It saves embarrassment

13} My list is coming to a end, but I need to list my close friends--Karen-Carol-Linda-MaryEllen they too have taught me--being a friend- drama-having fun, and too dream.

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