Tuesday, May 22, 2007

thoughts,,,and dating

Isn't that just a pretty picture. Our camper was right on the lake which made for a great view. {J} knows how much I love flowers and he got me a nice bouquet for the trip. He wanted to get roses,,,but I picked these out. I love yellow flowers, and they seem to last. Before we left the camp ground I put them a float in the lake, Just the heads of them so they would last. Today it was a busy day, I am so glad it is over. I am counting down the days till the weekend. I never before ever arranged a couple to meet, and I think I might have a match. My friend MaryEllen meets my friend Bob this weekend. They both are so anxious to get it over. He is fussy, at least that is what {J} says,,,I have seen his dates I don't believe that to be so. He has personality and that twinkle in the eye. Good sense of humor. And he is cute. And MaryEllen is pretty with a great sense of humor too. I think they will be able to draw on each other, and find a lot in common. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Would be so cool to bring these 2 people together and they find they have chemistry. If not I am sure I will hear......"What were you thinking,,,,as Dr. Phil comes into my head.. Counting the days...4 more to go. Maybe if it works I'll start a dating service. There is a new service I heard about that is called " Just Lunch". Mine could be "Coffee-Tea or Me",,or 15 minutes and 10 questions'..What would those 10 questions be,,,if I was single and only allowed 10 questions, they would be these. Not in any order. 1} How old are you? 2} Are you totally straight or Bi? 3} Any kids at home? 4} Do you work? 5} are you married? 6} How do you get along with your family? 7} what do you do for fun? 8} What is important to you? 9} Do you like animals? 10} Have you ever been arrested? As he is answering any of the questions I would notice the eye contact, his body language.Of course he would have to be good looking or I wouldn't even ask him any questions. And after the date if we kissed that would tell a lot.I miss not dating,,dam.---Happy Trails!!!!

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