Thursday, May 03, 2007

A spring pic for nekkid Thursday

This is a great shot of the Forsythia bush,,,oh ya and a little bit of me. Sorta looks like a butt shot, and for those looking for that sorry,,,It's my arm bent. They say and it is proven , a persons foot is from the wrist to the inner bend of your elbow. I think a person's butt is 2 bent arms put together, I'll have to ask {J} to help me on this measure. I am sure Midgy is out there measuring, before she reads the rest of the We put our boat in the water and go on our first trip on Saturday night. I can't wait...I love waking up on the river and watching the day become new. Right now it's a busy day, I have the mail and {NO PHONE CALLS, before 1pm. It is a very busy day and I don't have time to yadda. Plus it is not allowed. Enjoy the day and be good to your selves!!! Happy Trails!!!

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