Saturday, May 05, 2007

Rantings, of a postal worker

This photo was taken on Tuesday, I went out to lunch with some friends and it is taken in the back yard of my friend Hughy's place,,,simply beautiful---------
Only one more day of work than I can have 2 off in a row. Thursday & Friday were very heavy hectic days for me. The route I am on was under counted by the guy that used to run it, he was afraid of a cut before his retirement. So now we bust our but trying to make deadline. I do not follow the speed limits, or stop at stop signs. I wave to the customers, but I have no time for chit chat, which I miss. I would love to hear more about them and whats happening in there yards. Here is a conversation I had by the elderly couple...{ Well we finally emptied out the box,,{ME} That's good. Bill is finally out of the hospital it has been a long hall for us. {ME} Sorry to here that I gotta go,,} I really in those hectic moments would want to say just take the freakin mail and Move it. I am the last one out the door, and I have a deadline,,deliver all the mail and boxholders and tons of parcels , so many I can not see out my windows till half way in the route. Plus numerous accountable.All within 4 hours, need to get back to PO by 5pm. I need this route cut, for just the sanity of it. Yesterday I got done at 6pm,,last one out to lock up. Ugh. Then if I could just go home and chill it would be great. But friend Jason is still on holiday, since he doesn't have to work,every day is a holiday. He still is having fun traveling and wondered how his free range rabbit is doing. The rabbit that he spent $10,000 to renovated his attic,so it runs free. I feed it on last Sunday, he told me he would be home by Tuesday or soon, don't worry about bunny. Here it was Friday, rabbit had no food all week or water. The bunny was so thirsty it drank the water as I pored it in the bowl. I also had to provide the food, a bag of carrots, a head of lettuce, and a big bowl of rabbit feed. It is getting expensive to maintain his rabbit, I have to drive a total of a extra hour to do it, Ugh Jason if your reading this get home. I am so tempted to set it free, or give it to the migrant workers on the farm for a feast,. Ok enough of my rant,,,I gotta get ready for work,,,Last day for this week. Happy Trails!!!!


Anonymous said...

do you rember my casushie. It liked chips and ice scream

Helena said...

I remebered the rabbit eating chips and licking icecream. But not the name nor the color of the rabbit,,,,was it Grey?

Joseph C. Harris said...

I hope your route get's cut for your sanity. LOL my answer to my dessert is now up on my site.