Thursday, May 24, 2007

Am routine

Another N.Lake shot. I love how the sun has cast a shadow,,it only last a short time,almost like a rainbow,except at the end I am sure a bear was.
Morning has arrived. I set 3 different alarm clocks to awake me from my night time movies {Dreams}, I get up at 5;30 am so I can spend a hour or so on the pc. I start off reading e-mails from friends, just the letters. I get a lot of jokes from friends and family but need to save that for later. I went over to Bloggertalk, were I find so many interesting things, but I could only stay there for 10 minutes,,,{note to self to go back later}. I went into kitchen grabbed the coffee pot and spilled out all of {J's} coffee. I didn't realize he just made a fresh pot. His coffee sucks anyway, I need strong coffee. Now I have to wait again for him to make his weak crap before I can use it. I checked the lottery, nope didn't win, have to work yet again. Started to check out all the WW pics,and comments and go to all their sites, I made it to 3,,,{another note again to self, go back later and finish}. Now I have spent 70 minutes on putor, and have 45 minutes left to shower, make my lunch, get gas and get to work by 7;30. i figure I shall be 15 minutes late. Ugh!! Happy Trails!!!!!

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