Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Nekkid Thursday

I am sure some have clicked on to see naked body parts,,,and for those that get their thrills from the hand ,,here is the perfect shot for you. As you look at the hand ,,you notice he seems tensed, relaxed the fingers would be further apart...I love when at the end of a day I can reach that point of being totally relaxed..Constantly all day I am going on rush to this or that,,And my mind is always thinking,,,If I have all of today planned out I think of the next thing. Contently thinking one thought or another,,,for some strange reason,,or weird reason at that,,after I heard the news story about who the father might be of Nichole's baby,,I thought of her implants,,,do they De-compose? And all these girls getting implants,,,say they turn 80,,do the boobs age,,,or is that the only thing that remains perky after the mind goes,,,It's a weird question,,,but I want to know the answers. Can you imagine some one just turning 70,,,finally saved up enough for a boob job,,,waited their whole life,,do they go for it. There is one girl, I know,,lady after 40 you should say,,,at our club,,,,her old man got a new Harley and she got new tits. Every one whispered about " I think she got boobs",,,I was the only one to ask her,,,I guess as we get older we want the things we never had,,,when we couldn't afford to get it. I always wanted a maid,,to pick up after me. And now that I can afford it,,,{J} forbids it. I guess I shall go on wanting that,,,and maybe spend some money on lipo,,,or facial treatments to remove my smile lines,{ ahh,,,,smile lines is a nicer word than wrinkles}............Happy Trails!!!!!


Anonymous said...

her boobs are real

Helena said...

Yes they are real,,bought and paid for---