Friday, November 17, 2006

Day in a nut shell

The shopping day today was good. We got some new toilet paper. Actually not even sure if I want his face down there,,,more like going across the rim of the seat as I....oh well you get the picture. We had a good day today,,,,must have went to 6 different stores trying to pick out curtains/drapes for the front room- I got nadda,,,nothing appealed to me, I tried Sears,Target. Bed bath Beyond-Wall mart, Macy's and a couple other ones up in Albany,,They either had enough to do one window and a half,,of both windows and no valences,,, I did buy a rug,,that I am happy with,,{haven't put it down yet} and did pick out a new counter top for kitchen { Haven't picked it up yet,,need to have kitchen floor done first. We took a break from shopping and had lunch at Apple bee's. It was a great lunch,,I had a salad,,We shared that enough for 3,,,a French onion soup,,,and a great new sandwich on like Bagel bread,,It was Turkey with cranberry chutney and cheese,,,I could not even finish it all. {J} Had a portables burger with fries. It came to $20 and change,,,awesome so cheap,,And good from the service to the food to the bill I give it a 5 star for the restaurant it was. No cloth napkins,,but it was a upscale fast food restaurant.,,Good day in all. {J} dropped me off at a plaza that I left my car at and he headed home to a meeting...I headed to the nursing home to do my thang...My patient's great nephew was there...the one suffering or not from mind disorder..humm --nice visit,,we all had supper together,,and lucky for him some of the patients that he did not even know left food on their tray that he was able to put together a doggie bag for himself,,I figure homless people dig inthe garbage...this was just one step up. Makes you wonder what makes a person tick. This guy is 42,,,besides his mental problems lives in a 2 family house alone,,,mom and dad foot all the bill,,,,from charge cards to what ever and he is taken food off trays---Grant it I did take fig nutten cookies yesday off a couple trays,,,but they were wrapped,,and I did give back one when I realized the guy just went to the bathroom,,LOL..he even laughed about it. Well that's sorta the day in my nut shell..Happy TRAILS!!!!!!%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%Five people are on a plane, four guys and one girl. Suddenly the engine stalls and they crash. Miraculously all five of them survive the crash but are stranded on a small deserted island. Since these four guys will need to have their natural urges satisfied, they decided to make up a schedule. Each guy would get a week to dick the woman as much as possible, the next week another guy and so on. This arrangement works out great for years, satisfying both the guys and the nymphomaniac woman until she suddenly dies… The first month went by and it was really awful; second month was really bad; third month was almost unbearable; fourth month rolls around and the guys couldn’t handle it anymore so they buried her<

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what a nutty place........